Fund Summary as of

Total net assets
Total number of holdings
Benchmark Russell Midcap Value® Index
Initial minimum investment $1,000
Retirement account minimum: $1,000
Subsequent investment $100

Share Class




Class A




Class C




Class I




Class R-6




REORGANIZATION NOTICE: The Board of Trustees of Carillon Series Trust has approved, based upon the recommendation of Carillon Tower Advisers, Inc. (“Carillon Tower”), the Funds’ investment adviser: (i) the creation and registration of Class I, a new share class of the Funds; (ii) the combination of the Class Chartwell shares of the Funds into Class I shares; and (iii) the termination of the Class Chartwell shares of the Funds. The combination and termination of the Class Chartwell shares will become effective on or about the close of business on April 26, 2024 (the “Combination Date”). Each Class Chartwell shareholder will receive Class I shares in an amount equal to the value of the shareholder’s Class Chartwell shares as of the Combination Date. The Class I shares will be registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission prior to the Combination Date. Effective April 29, 2024, the Funds will no longer accept purchases of Class Chartwell shares. Any purchases of Class Chartwell shares received after April 26, 2024, such as those pursuant to a reinvestment of dividends or a periodic investment program, will be invested in Class I shares. Please see the December 1, 2023 prospectus supplement for additional information or contact us at 1.800.421.4184. If you purchased shares of a Fund through your financial intermediary, please contact your broker-dealer or other financial intermediary for further details.

Russell Midcap Value: an Index that measures the performance of those Russell Midcap companies with lower price/book ratios and lower forecasted growth values. The stocks are also members of the Russell 1000® Value Index.

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